Monday, December 9, 2019


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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

22.02.2019 AKIWAWA at Kaschemme Basel

2019… Kaschemmes 5th anniversary is very close! The AKIWAWA party run by DJ Pun (Unique Records) & Rainer (Konzeptlos) is part of the program since day one. If this alone is not reason enough to celebrate, here's one more: the old DJ couple is regulary sharing the decks since 10yrs now.
AKIWAWA … the bimonthly night at Kaschemme Basel... raw, dusty & crackling - Soul, Funk, Island & African plates! Unheard classics aswell as obscure stuff and always dancefloor certified.

10 years DJ Pun & Rainer
2009-2014 ANTZ IN THE PANTZ (Kaserne Basel)
2014-2019… AKIWAWA (Kaschemme)

All AKIWAWA flyers are designed by aka Jan Haenni