Saturday, April 25, 2015

Out of Town: Fillet Of Soul

Sa April 25th @ Kraftfeld Winterthur

Fillet Of Soul

DJ Pfaff Cäsi & Lefthand (Fillet of Soul, Universoul, ZH)
DJ Pun & Rainer (Akiwawa, BS)

raw soul funk jazz island & african sounds 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


flyer by

On April 18th AKIWAWA welcomes DJ SUSPECT out of Paris!

DJ SUSPECT recently joined the DJ collective “45 LIVE”. It was founded in summer 2014 by Boca 45 & Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz) over a few pints to celebrate the 45 format and to unite like-minded DJs! No wonder that names like DJ Format, Andy Smith, Ollie Teeba joined the collective amongst others.
Tonight DJ SUSPECT shows what he does best, that be playing mostly (or only?) 45s alongside DJ Pun & Rainer. Expect some Soul, Funk, Jazz, Breakbeats & Afrobeat… always raw & dirty… the way it should be.

His recent Mix of classic French Jazz, Funk, Soul & Pop tunes, made for the legendary New York label "Truth & Soul" underlines his skills, taste & speaks for itself…



Saturday, April 11, 2015

Out of town: Soul Gallen Afrobeat-Special

Sa April 11th @ Palace, St.Gallen

«Straight from the Motherland» 
with Monsieur Kandji a/k/a Mr. Magic (Angle Baye Fall/Senegal) 
DJ Pun & Rainer (Akiwawa/BS)!  

welcomes guests from Senegal and Basel.
After almost 3 years, the great Soul Gallen night invites to another Afrobeat-Special.
Below you can listen to almost 5 hours of the «Straight from the Motherland» Session:

or click HERE